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Wow, what a book! This copy of Robert Taylor’s Air Combat Paintings Volume 3 was presented to the veterans at various Aces High Gallery signing events over the years. It has roughly 157 pencil signatures added over three pages at the front of the book. They range from Dambusters, Band of Brothers, Great Escape, Battle of Britain, ATA pilots, Typhoon, Thunderbolt, 617

Sqn Bomber Command,

Fleet Air Arm and D-Day/ Arnhem Glider pilots. There are a small number of duplicated signatures. There are nearly 20 flyers from the various events giving details of the signees to add to the provenance of the book. As you can imagine, having been through so many sets of hands in the signing process the book cannot be described as mint condition but it is nevertheless an incredible piece of history which will never be repeated. Please see the photos for signees and book condition.

Unbelievable 157 Veteran Signature Robert Taylor Vol 3 With Slipcase

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