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This is a specially produced glossy bookplate bearing the original pencil signature of Ian Blair DFM. His is an amazing story - On 4th September, 1940,  during  operations  over  Derna , when the pilot of their Blenheim  aircraft was killed instantly by enemy  action, Sergeant Blair, the observer, succeeded in  getting the aircraft under control and taking evasive action while the air gunner fought off the enemy aircraft.  Assisted by the air gunner, he then removed the dead pilot from his seat and, without previous flying experience, achieved a safe landing after a flight of 350 miles.  By his courage, devotion to duty and determination he saved the lives of both himself and the air gunner as well as saving the aircraft.”
London Gazette. 
As for his small part in the varied history of the Blenheim Ian Blair was rewarded with a Distinguished Flying Medal and dispatched to flying school, going on to become a Spitfire pilot and Squadron Leader.

But just two days after his cool head saved the life of he and his fellow airman in North Africa, he was photographed by the RAF’s PR section and unwittingly became a poster boy in the Ministry of Information’s Carless Talk Costs Lives campaign.

Sqn Ldr Ian Blair DFM Signed Bookplate - RAF Poster Boy With Amazing Story

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