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This is a 1981 dated first ed hardback in superb condition. The book has been flat signed and dated by famous ace Douglas Bader and includes lots of extras to make it a highly collectable copy. The first flyleaf features a copy of Bader’s exceptional rating as a pilot from his logbook ( the ripple effect is on the original logbook, this copy is flat and professionally mounted in). There also features a sepia card bookplate bearing the genuine pencil signature of close friend and highest scoring ace Johnnie Johnson. Underneath the Bader signature is a mounted piece of genuine wartime parachute silk. To enhance the book even further is an original pencil drawing portrait of Bader by Steve Teasdale on the page opposite the title page. This is a stunning and unique copy of probably the best book ever written on Bader’s RAF career.

Special Copy Douglas Bader Flat Signed & Remarqued with Extras Flying Colours

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