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This is a specially produced large glossy bookplate bearing the original signature of Harry Broadhurst. Broadhurst participated in ground support during the Battle of France, an experience that taught him the importance of close air support for later operations in the war. He was heavily involved in the Battle of Britain and as Officer Commanding RAF Wittering, often flew with the squadrons under his command, both day and night fighter units.
Harry Broadhurst by Cuthbert Orde, 1941
In December 1940 he was posted to command the Hornchurch Sector of No. 11 Group Fighter Command, and continued to fly on operations, even as a group captain.
On 4 July 1941, leading No. 54 Squadron, he was involved in a dogfight with Bf 109s, claiming two shot down before he was hit and his aircraft badly damaged. Hit by flak over Cap Gris Nez, he managed to return to base, belly landing his crippled Spitfire. On 7 July 1941 his Spitfire was hit and damaged by Hauptmann Josef Priller of JG 26. In May 1942 he became Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO), No. 11 Group, although he continued to fly operationally where possible. His final kill claims were made on 19 August 1942, bringing his total to 13 destroyed, seven probables and 10 damaged.

Senior RAF Commander Battle of Britain veteran Harry Broadhurst Signed Bookplate

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