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This 2004 Hardback first edition features a number of first hand stories from interviews with former SAS WW2 veterans. This thick book is in excellent condition and features a large original pencil drawing portrait of SAS leader Blair ‘ Paddy’ Mayne. Underneath the portrait is mounted the original signature of Len Owens.

Len Owens was an SAS radio operator who was once described by his CO in World War II, Ulsterman Blair 'Paddy' Mayne, as a real hero.

Lt-Col Mayne, from Newtownards, who was awarded the DSO plus three bars for his courage in action, had great respect for Liverpool man Owens, who served under him in the SAS.

Owens faced up to danger unflinchingly in Operation Howard, led by Blair Mayne.

He was in charge of wireless communications to a squadron of armoured jeeps at the front and was always likely to have his position discovered by the enemy.

And, on Mayne's recommendation, was awarded a Military Medal in occupied France when he was with the Phantom Liaison Regiment, with which he provided vital information at great risk to the SAS soldiers who were secretly in the country.

Owens, from Merseyside, and Mayne had a huge respect for one another's bravery and kept in touch when peace returned.

SAS Rogue Heroes Stirlings Men Signed WW2 SAS Original Drawing Remarque Hardback

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