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This is a specially produced glossy bookplate bearing the original signature of Canadian Fighter pilot Doug Lindsay. Lindsay finished the war with 8 kills. He later served in Korea where he achieved a further 2 kills.

After receiving air crew instruction at various training schools in Canada, Lindsay graduated, as a pilot, from No. 9 Service Flying Training School at Summerside, Prince Edward Island on November 21, 1941.

His next posting was to carry out flying instruction in Canada for some time. In 1943 he arrived overseas and eventually was posted to No. 403 (Wolf) Squadron, Fighter Command, flying Spitfires from Kenley in Surrey, England. From October 8, 1943, to July 2, 1944, flying with 403 Squadron, he destroyed six and one half enemy planes before his tour ended in April 1945. He was awarded his first Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), effective August 8, 1944.

His citation reads as follows: "In July 1944, this officer took part in an engagement against a large formation of enemy fghters, three of which he shot down. Flight Lieutenant Lindsay has invariably displayed praiseworthy courage and skill and his keenness to engage the enemy has always been apparent. He has destroyed six enemy aircraft."

RCAF Spitfire Ace James ‘Doug’ Lindsay Signed Bookplate

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