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This is an original pencil drawing portrait by Steve Teasdale of Randolph Churchill, son of Winston Churchill. The portrait has been created on sepia recycled card and features the very rare genuine pencil signature of Randolph Churchill mounted underneath. The signature was taken from a pre-war autograph book of members of parliament.

Randolph Churchill’s part in an SAS raid with David Stirling and Paddy Mayne features in the SAS Rogue Heroes story. It would fit perfectly into the book of the same name or similar account of the wartime SAS.

In April 1942 he volunteered for the newly formed SAS – to his mother's dismay, because of the strain on his father. She contemplated cabling him forbidding him to go, but knew that Winston would want him to. He joined the SAS CO David Stirling and six SAS men on a mission behind enemy lines in the Libyan Desert to Benghazi in May 1942. The Benghazi Raid did not reach its goals and Randolph severely dislocated his back when his truck overturned in a road accident during the journey home

Rare SAS Rogue Hero Randolph Churchill Signed Original Drawing Bookplate

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