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This hardback, dated 2000, tells the story of Frank Tams. Tams was a Coastal Command Bristol Beaufort Pilot who was shot down by an ME109 on a daylight raid to Brest, attacking the German Hipper Battleship. His 19 yr old gunner was killed in the attack. Tams was trapped against the fuselage when attempting to bail out but an explosion set him free. He was taken prisoner and transferred to Dulag Luft where he met Wings Day, Roger Bushell, Mike Casey (murdered as one of the fifty from the Great Escape) & others. Tams was eventually transferred to Stalag Luft 3 and became involved in the intelligence side of sending codes back to the UK. He also carried out and jumped over the Wooden Pommel Horse during the daring escape when 3 escapees made it back to Sweden and eventually the UK. Tams also details how he and other airmen felt and lived with being a POW at Stalag Luft 3. This lovely book has been signed by Frank Tams on the title page. The book also includes the signature of Oliver Philpot, one of the Wooden Horse escapers. It has been mounted on a sepia bookplate, underneath an original pencil drawing of the escape schematics by Steve Teasdale.We have only seen one other flat signed copy of this book & don’t expect it to available for long. The book is in excellent condition with a couple of pen marks from when an aged Frank Tams has caught the pages when signing his signature.

Rare Pilot Great Escape/Wooden Horse Related Signed & Remarqued Hardback 1st Ed

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