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This hardback is in excellent, unread condition. It features an original pencil drawing of Timothy Ashmead Vigors by Steve Teasdale, with the relatively scarce genuine pencil signature of Tim Vigors mounted underneath.

He was posted to 12 Group Pool Aston Down on 17th January and after converting to Blenheims joined 222 Squadron at Duxford on 24th February. The squadron re-equipped with Spitfires in March 1940. Over Dunkirk on 31st May Vigors probably destroyed a He111 and on 1st June destroyed a Me110.

During the night of 19th/20th June an unidentified aircraft was reported overhead and Vigors, in dressing gown and pyjamas, was sent up to investigate. He lost his bearings, sighted a bomber and fell in with it, in the hope that it would lead him to an airfield. The aircraft was a He111 and it opened fire, scoring hits on Vigor's Spitfire. He shot it down near Sunk Island, Yorkshire and then landed at Barkston airfield, from where he had carried out night flying training from Cranwell.

On 25th July Vigors damaged two He111's, on 30th August probably destroyed a Me110, on the 31st destroyed a Me109 and probably two more and then made a crash-landing himself at Hornchurch, when his undercarriage failed to come down.

On 1st September Vigors destroyed a Me109, on the 3rd destroyed a Me110 and damaged another, on the 6th damaged a Me109, on the 7th probably destroyed a Do17, on the 9th he shot down a Me109 in flames and was then shot down himself and made a crash-landing on allotments near Dartford in Spitfire X4059, with his left aileron and tailplane shot away and glycol tank punctured.

Vigors spent the night in London. Leaving Liverpool Street Station the next morning, escorted by two policemen, he was attacked by a crowd who thought he was German. After realising their mistake they cheered him.

Back with the squadron, Vigors probably destroyed two Me109's on 30th October and damaged a Me109 on 2nd November.

He was awarded the DFC (gazetted 1st October 1940).

Rare Battle of Britain Account Tim Vigors Signed & Remarqued Like New 1st Ed

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