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This is a specially produced glossy bookplate featuring the genuine signature of RAF Hurricane Pilot Neil Cameron.

Cameron joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve in May 1939 and started his flying training at No. 3 Initial Training Wing at Hastings. From March to September 1940 he completed his elementary pilot training, advanced training and operational training before being posted to No. 1 Squadron at RAF Wittering as a sergeant pilot flying Hurricanes. He was posted to No. 17 Squadron at RAF Martlesham Heath in October 1940 in time to take part in the final stages of the Battle of Britain.

Cameron joined No. 134 Squadron at Murmansk in northern Russia in July 1941 and was granted a commission with the war substantive rank of pilot officer on 31 July 1941. Off the coast of northern Russia he was required to take-off from a Royal Navy aircraft carrier without practice. Promoted to the war substantive rank of flying officer on 4 March 1942, he joined No. 213 Squadron, part of the Desert Air Force, in August 1942, and he was promoted to the war substantive rank of squadron leader on 4 March 1943. In this role he took part in the Battle of Alam el Halfa in September 1942, the First Battle of El Alamein in July 1942 and the Second Battle of El Alamein in October 1942.

RAF Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot Neil Cameron Signed Glossy Bookplate

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