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This book is in mint and unread condition. It features the story of Richard Freiherr Von Rosen who was a Tiger Tank Commander on the Eastern Front and Normandy. His memoirs are fully illustrated with photographs of the war as a panzer ace. The book has been enhanced on the title page with a detailed pencil drawing of a tiger tank by Steve Teasdale. Underneath the drawing is the professionally mounted genuine signature of SS panzer ace Obersturmfuhrer Paul Egger. Egger had an incredible war, starting as a Stuka pilot in France and BF109 pilot during the Battle of Britain when he was shot down 3 times. He then retrained as a panzer tank commander on Tigers. Egger finished the war with a score of at least 113 enemy tanks. The book comes with a printed biography on Egger.

A highly collectable copy and a great read.

Panzer Ace 100+ Victories Signed & Remarqued Tiger Tank Hardback

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