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 A study of one of the most remarkable aircraft of World War Two, the De Havilland Mosquito.
Here it's depicted in a lone role of a Pathfinder whose mission is to locate and mark the target for the main bomber force to follow behind and attack.
It is a fine tribute to those brave aircrews who flew each night, defying the danger.
Each Artist Proof print has been signed and numbered by the artist along with ELEVEN aircrew veterans who flew missions in the de Havilland Mosquito. 

Air Commodore John Ellacombe, CBE, DFC* (Pilot with 151 Sq in Battle of Britain then later Mosquito's with 487 Sq)

Squadron Leader Ian Linney (Pilot with 107 Squadron)

Flight Lieutenant Mike Randles (Observer/Navigator with 540 PRU Squadron)

Squadron Leader Tom Bennett (Observer & Navigator with 617 Sq)

Flight Lieutenant Bertie Boulter, DFC (Pilot with 128 & 163 Sq's)

Flight Lieutenant Terry Clark, DFM (Navigator with 219 in Battle of Britain then later in Mosquito's with 488 Sq)

Flight Lieutenant Ted Dunsford, DFC (Pilot with 608 Sq)

Flying Officer Charles Parker, DFM (Navigator with 128 & 163 Sq's)

Flight Lieutenant Ken Tempest, DFC (Pilot with 139 Sq)

Flight Lieutenant Reg Davy (Navigator with 139 & 627 Sq's)

Warrant Officer Dick Maywood (Navigator with 608 & 692 Sq's)

Mosquito print signed by 11 mosquito veterans inc Battle of Britain

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