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This extremely detailed book ( runs to almost 800 pages ) chronicles the story of Lord Louis Mountbatten. The first edition hardback is dated 1985 and is in excellent condition. The book has been enhanced with an original pencil drawing of HMS Kelly by Steve Teasdale. Underneath the drawing is a genuine wartime signature of Mountbatten, taken from a letter written as Commander of 5th Destroyer Flotilla. HMS Kelly (pennant number F01) was a K-class destroyer of the British Royal Navy, and flotilla leader of her class. She served through the early years of the Second World War; in Home Waters, off Norway and in the Mediterranean. Throughout her service, Kelly was commanded by Lord Louis Mountbatten, as commander (Captain (D)) of the 5th Destroyer Flotilla. She was lost in action in 1941 during the Battle of Crete. Mountbatten joined the Royal Navy during World War I and was appointed Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia Command, in World War II. He was later made Viceroy of India of British India, and then first governor-general of the Dominion of India, being the last British person to hold either of these positions.

Lord Louis Mountbatten Signed & Remarqued HMS Kelly

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