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On November 12th, 1944 Lancasters from 9 & 617 'Dambuster' Squadron attacked the Tirpitz berthed in a Fjord near Tromso, Norway. This was the third and successful attack on the pride of the German Navy.This is a special Publishers Proof edition drawn by Steve Teasdale, as a 60th Anniversary tribute. It is signed by at least 16 veterans of the Tirpitz raids, who were at Duxford Air Show on September 4th & 5th, 2004 to commemorate the event. Prints signed by a mix of these Tirpitz raid veterans:Tony Iveson, Bob Knights, Frank Tilley, Colin Cole, 'Sandy' Sanders, Phil Tetlow, Denis Nolan, Tom Andrew, Jim Parsons, Larry Curtis, Archie Johnstone, Harry Watkinson, Basil Fish, Benny Goodman, Albert Cherrington, Des Phillips & Iain Lockerbie.

Lancaster Return Print - Tirpitz Raid 17 617 /9 Sqn signatures

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