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At the beginning of 1941, the strategically vital port of Tobruk and its Allied garrison was under siege from Rommel's troops and the Luftwaffe and Italian Regia Aeronautica. The only air defence standing in the way was a handful of RAF Hurricane pilots, supported by their RAAF and SAAF colleagues. Until the last remaining Hurricanes were forced to withdraw from the garrison at the end of April 1941, this gallant band had flown daily against overwhelming odds while Rommel's troops attempted to penetrate the garrison's defences, defended mainly by unyielding Australian forces.

It was a life and death affair, a desperate period in which the name of Tobruk made world headlines. Whoever controlled Tobruk controlled the central Mediterranean. The Squadrons involved in this titanic struggle were 73 RAF, 6 RAF, 274 RAF, 3 RAAF and 1 SAAF, with 73 Squadron bearing the brunt of the action until forced to evacuate when the German Messerschmitts arrived.

There were many unsung heroes from these Squadrons - men like Peter Wykeham-Barnes, Ginger Murray, Smudger Smith, Mike Beytagh, Dickie Martin, Owen Lamb, Tom Patterson, Noel Agazarian, John Elsworth, Bill Wills, the Free Frenchmen, James Denis, Albert Littolf and many, many more.

By carefully studying records and diaries, Brian Cull and Don Minterne have written a well researched action-packed account of these months and these men, which is a fitting tribute to their magnificent contribution to the war.
The book has been signed by the following RAF Fighter pilots, who flew during the western desert & North Africa campaign of World War Two:

Group Captain Billy Drake, DSO, DFC*, DFC (US)
Squadron Leader Ian Blair, DFM
Wing Commander Peter Ayerst, DFC
Flight Lieutenant Les "Chunky" Dennahy
Squadron Leader Harry Moon
Flight Lieutenant Ron Farmborough


Hardback edition, Published in 1999.

Hurricanes over Tobruk Multisigned

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