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This is a specially produced bookplate featuring an original pencil drawing with white highlights on sepia recycled card. The drawing, by Steve Teasdale, depicts ‘Tes’ Briggs, one of only 3 survivors from the sinking of HMS Hood. The rare and genuine signature of Ted Briggs has been professionally mounted underneath the drawing. This bookplate would fit in most books related to HMS Hood or the Bismarck.

In May 1941, Hood was dispatched with HMS Prince of Wales to intercept the German battleship Bismarck in the Denmark Straits. The German ship was 20 years newer and slightly larger than Hood. She had modern main armament and superior armour. The battle-cruiser encountered Bismarck and engaged her at long range. Bismarck returned fire and destroyed Hood, killing all aboard except for Briggs and two others. The Battle of the Denmark Strait and the loss of the Hood were regarded by the British public as one of the greatest disasters to befall the Royal Navy during the war

HMS Hood Survivor Ted Briggs Signed Original Drawing Bookplate

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