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This is a 2004 1st Ed copy of Lie In The Dark and Listen by Great Escaper Ken Rees. This copy was signed at the launch of the book at Duxford Imperial War Museum. It has been signed by the two authors plus the following Great Escape veterans : Walter Morrison, Neil Stebbings, Alan Bryett, Leonard Hale, Jack Lyon, Frank Stone, Bobby Laumans and Jimmy James (no39 out of the tunnel and recaptured). The book has been further enhanced with an original pencil portrait drawing bookplate of Escaper Ivo Tonder (no20 out of the tunnel). Mounted underneath the drawing is the genuine signature of Ivo Tonder.

A super collectable book in excellent condition.

Great Escape 11 Multisigned Inc 2 Escapers & Original Drawing Remarque Hardback

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