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This is a specially produced bookplate featuring an original pencil drawing with white highlights by Steve Teasdale. The drawing, created on sepia recycled card, also features the genuine signature of Royal Navy Sea Harrier Ace Nigel ‘Sharkey’ Ward professionally mounted underneath. This bookplate would fit perfectly into Sharkey’s own book Sea Harrier or most other books on the Falklands war. This is not an easy signature to obtain.

Royal Navy Top Gun and Air Warfare Instructor, Sharkey was Senior Pilot of 892 Phantom Squadron in the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal during the Cold War. He introduced the Sea Harrier Fighter Aircraft to Naval Service, Commanding the Intensive Flying Trials Squadron 700A; 899 H.Q. Squadron; then 801 Squadron in HMS Invincible in the Falklands. Senior Sea Harrier advisor to the Command on all aspects of the fast jet air war, he flew over sixty war missions by day and night, achieved three air-to-air kills (& one damaged) and was involved in/witnessed eight further kills. During the war he was awarded the Air Force Cross for Services to Harrier Aviation and then decorated with the Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry.

Falklands War Sea Harrier Ace Sharkey Ward Signed Original Drawing Bookplate

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