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This is a wonderful history of 92 Squadron in the first year or so of WWII. It was an absolute labour of love by the author Michael Robinson who tracked down many of 92's members from this period , interviewed them and obtained never seen photos from their personal collections. This is a great book and gives a vivid picture of this squadron which was renowned for both working hard and playing hard. The text is in a very readable style and combined with the wealth of photos make for a worthy history of this great unit.

Sadly the print run for this title was small due to it being self published and therefore copies command high prices on the secondhand market. This particular copy is in almost mint condition and includes a large original pencil drawing remarque of one of 92’s most famous pilots, Robert Stanford Tuck. An genuine Tuck signature has been professionally mounted underneath the portrait to create a highly collectable edition.

Extremely Rare Best of The Few 92 Sqn Remarqued & Stanford Tuck Signed Drawing

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