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During the Battle of Britain Richard Saul was commanding the airfields and sector stations in defence of the North of England and Scotland with his No. 13 Group. Alongside his contemporaries Keith Park and Leigh - Mallory he was instrumental in the RAF’s defence of Great Britain in 1940. This specially produced bookplate features an original pencil portrait drawing of Richard Saul as he was as a young observer in the Royal Flying Corps. Underneath the drawing by Steve Teasdale is the professionally mounted genuine signature of Richard Saul. We have never come across a Richard Saul signature and consider it to be rarer than Park, Dowding etc as he was killed by a car in 1965. A letter to Richard Saul from Battle of Britain Fighter Association chairman ARD MacDonell (64 Sqn CO during the Battle of Britain) is included in the sale. This is an essential signature for any serious Battle of Britain collection. The bookplate will fit inside most books on the Battle of Britain.

Extremely Rare Battle of Britain 13 Group Commander Richard Saul Signed Portrait

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