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This is an extremely rare publication which was only ever released in Australia as Garry Nowell did not give permission for it to be published elsewhere. This hardback book has no release date or named publisher. It has been flat signed by Garry Nowell DFM & Bar who was a fighter ace with 87 Sqn during the Battle of France with at least 12 victories. The book is in excellent condition with some slight fading on the spine. The book is further enhanced with an original pen remarque drawing by Steve Teasdale and comes with a two page letter from Garry Nowell, detailing the release of the book. It also comes with a copy of a very rare secret wartime document from the RAF, detailing the top scoring fighter aces at the time - this document is mentioned in the book. Please research Garry Nowell for further information. We cannot stress how rare this copy is.

Extremely Rare Australia Only Publication Battle of France Ace G Nowell Signed

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