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This superb drawing depicts a lone RAF Lancaster bomber during another dangerous night-time mission deep over Germany desperately trying to evade the searchlights and deadly flak. 
Each print has been signed by the artist along with the following RAF Bomber Command Aircrew veterans; 

Wing Commander Richard Pinkham DFC (flew with No: 77 & 150 Squadrons)

Warrant Officer Sandy Sanders (flew with No: 9 Squadron on Tirpitz raid)

Warrant Officer Ken Johnson (flew with No: 9 & 61 Squadrons)

Warrant Officer Jim McGillivray (flew with No: 115 Squadron)

Warrant Officer Harry Irons DFC (flew with No: 9, 158 & 466 Squadrons)

Squadron Leader Pat Carden DFC, AE (flew with No: 582 Squadron)

Warrant Officer Geoff Gilbert DFM (flew with No: 61 Squadron)

Warrant Officer Jack Linaker (flew with No: 9 Squadron)

Flight Engineer Trevor Peacock (flew with No: 51 & 467 Squadrons, Europe and also with No: 1 I.A.F. (Indian Air Force) & 205 Squadrons, Far East)

Evasive Action Artist Proof multi signed Lancaster print

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