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This specially produced glossy bookplate features the genuine pencil signature of 249 Sqn Hurricane fighter pilot Harold Moon. Moon flew a Hurricane off HMS Ark Royal to Malta to join 249 Sqn in the defence of the island.

In May 1943 he was posted to 274 (F) Squadron flying Hurricanes from Tripoli carrying out convoy escorting duties. In December 1943 Harry returned to Idku just outside Alexandria to re-equip with Spitfire MkVs, going onto Mersa Matru – Castle Benito and onto cover the Anzio landings until the end of 1943, beginning of 1944. Here the squadron shot up tanks, trucks, rolling stock etc. After 1st April 1944 the squadron returned to England from Naples in Italy to Scotland via the Clyde. 274 were then posted to Hornchurch in Essex where they converted to Spitfire MkIXs. It was here Harry was promoted to ‘A’ Flight Commander. The Squadron then moved to Detling, Kent, for sweeps over Europe. On June 5th and 6th 1944 the Squadron covered the build-up and landings on D-Day. On the 12th June the squadron landed on one of the first beachhead landing grounds in readiness for the coming offensive.

Defence Of Malta Hurricane Fighter Ace Harold Moon 249 Sqn Signed Bookplate

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