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This is an original Steve Teasdale pencil drawing with white highlights on sepia recycled card. The card measures approximately 20x12 cm. The portrait depicts Henry Maudslay, pilot of Lancaster AJ-Z who crashed on the Dutch - German border after attacking the Eder Dam. Professionally mounted underneath the drawing is a genuine piece of recovered wreckage from the crash site of AJ-Z. Whilst the drawing is bookplate size it may not be too suitable to mount in a book as the piece of aluminium does stick up a little. This image would work really well mounted underneath your favourite Dambuster print or framed on it’s own. The piece of aircraft was purchased by us many years ago from a local at the crash site and we are down to only a couple of small pieces now in stock.

Maudslay made three attempts on the very difficult Eder Dam. The last was at 0145 when his Upkeep mine was dropped too late and exploded on hitting the parapet of the dam without bouncing. This may have damaged his aircraft. Gibson asked if he was OK, and Maudslay’s faint reply was ‘I think so, stand by’. Maudslay nursed his damaged aircraft slowly back towards the Dutch border, but his luck ran out near Emmerich at 0243, when he was shot down. AJ-Z crashed in a field in the Osterholt area.

Dambuster Henry Maudslay Original Drawing With Genuine Relic from Crash

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