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For a long time I have been tying to research portraits of the Dambusters crews by Cuthbert Orde. The Bill Townsend portrait is well known and so are the superb Battle of Britain ones. I always felt certain that he had completed more than just Townsend but despite much research could not find any other images until just recently as I believe the families must have kept them and they have not been published. Orde actually created at least 6 Dambuster portraits and this is my version of his Mick Martin portrait. This original A3 size drawing is charcoal and white pastel and comes with an original Mick Martin Signature to mount with it. This is as close you will come to owning the original drawing I would imagine and at a fraction of the price.

Cuthbert Orde style Dambuster Mick Martin Original Charcoal with Signature

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