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This large 2001 hardback is in excellent condition. It features the genuine signature of Tony Rolt MC, one of the originators of the Colditz Cock glider. His signature has been professionally mounted underneath an original pencil drawing of the Colditz glider by Steve Teasdale on the title page. There is a full chapter on the glider in the book which mentions Tony Rolt’s involvement. Tony Rolt was also a Formula 1 driver.

Rolt escaped seven times from German prisoner-of-war camps including Laufen (Oflag VII-C), Biberach (Oflag V-B), Posen (Stalag XXI-D), Warburg (Oflag VI-B) and Eichstätt (Oflag VII-B), before eventually being sent to the maximum security prison, Oflag IV-C in Colditz Castle on 14 July 1943. In one attempt to escape, he got within yards of the Swiss border before being recaptured – which accounted for his transfer to the East German fortress. For his determined escape attempts, Rolt was awarded a Bar to his Military Cross

A lovely collectable copy detailing the amazing story of the most infamous prison camps of WW2.

Colditz Definitive History Signed Glider Founder & Original Drawing Remarque

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