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This is a nice 1983 dated William Kimber 1st Ed Hardback detailing the remarkable story of Fleet Air Arm Swordfish Pilot Eugene Esmonde V.C. the book details the highly dangerous raids performed on the Bismarck and Channel Dash plus others. The book includes a genuine swatch of Fairey Swordfish fabric, Signed by three Swordfish aircrew who flew alongside Esmonde in these courageous raids in antiquated biplanes. Percy Gick was a Pilot with Esmonde on 825 Sqn and flew as leader of No2 flight against Bismarck. Petty Officer Sayer flew as Gick’s TAG. Don Bunce was the TAG in Kingsmill’s Swordfish which was in Esmonde’s first sub-flight on the Channel Dash Raid. Rare signatures in an amazing story.

Channel Dash & Bismarck Hero Esmonde VC with Signed Swordfish Canvas Swatch

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