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This is a lovely 2003 first edition copy in excellent condition. It has been flat signed by British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and furthermore remarqued by Steve Teasdale with an original drawing in pen and white highlights of Scott’s vessel the Terra Nova. This is the first time Steve has remarqued a non aviation related book and we don’t think it disappoints.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is uniquely qualified to write a biography of Captain Scott. This is the first biography of Scott by someone who has experienced the deprivations, the stress and the sheer physical pain that Scott lived through; he has suffered all but the final tragedy endured by the much maligned Scott. He is determined to put the record straight.

As well as being the definitive biography of Scott, written with the full and exclusive cooperation of the Scott Estate, this book traces the way that Scott's reputation has been attacked and his achievements distorted.

Captain Scott Remarqued & Flat Signed Ranulph Fiennes 1st Ed Hardback

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