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This 2001 first edition hardback is in fine, unread condition. It tells the story of one of Canada’s top scoring fighter pilots, Robert ‘Buck’ McNair. McNair flew in fighter sweeps in Northern France in 1941 and gained victories in the defence of Malta. He flew over the beaches of Dieppe and then many further missions over France. He finished the war with 16 victories. The book features an original pencil portrait drawing of Buck McNair by Steve Teasdale. Belgian fighter pilot Mike Donnet knew Buck McNair well and wrote the forward for the book. Donnet escaped from Belgium via light aircraft and joined the RAF to become a highly successful fighter pilot and leader. Donnet’s genuine signature has been mounted on the flyleaf to increase collectability of this book even further. This is a great read.

Canadian Fighter Ace Buck McNair Signed Donnet & Remarqued Original Drawing

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