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This marvellous book by Edward Shacklady details the story of one of the most fearsome of fighters of WW2, the FW190. Filled with information and photographs, this hardback comes in a specially made slipcase. The book features a Ltd Ed bookplate signed by Gunther Rall (275 vics), Heinz Marquardt (121 vics) and Heinz Radlauer (15 vics). The book has also been signed on the title page by Luftwaffe fighter pilots Walter Wolfrum (137 vics), Norbert Hannig (42 vics), Karl Schlosstein (8 vics) plus one other which could be Herbert Koller. To enhance the book even further Steve Teasdale has created a large remarque pencil drawing of Erich Rudorffer, one of the highest scoring FW190 pilots who scored 14 vics in one day and finished with 224 vics altogether. Rudorffer’s original pencil signature is mounted underneath the drawing. This set is in excellent condition and features signatures of Luftwaffe pilots with a total of over 800 victories in single engined fighters.

Butcher Bird FW190 Multi Signed & Remarqued Luftwaffe Top Aces

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