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This is the first in a Very limited range of framed original paintings of a silhouetted aircraft by Steve Teasdale. The montage also includes a 1:72 scale 3D figure of an RAF groundcrew member on his bicycle, cycling over the grass after having spoken to the engineer checking the aircraft before the first flight of the day. This subtle and well constructed scene has been signed in pencil by Battle of Britain Spitfire Pilot Iain Hutchinson of 222 Sqn. There is a short, handwritten resume, detailing Hutchinson’s record in the Battle of Britain. If proved to be popular we may do a Ltd number of this style of framed montage, with aircraft relevant to whichever Battle of Britain airman has signed the paper. Contact us for requests if interested.

Battle of Britain Signed Hand Painted Spitfire Sillhoutte with 3D Figure Framed

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