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This is an original drawing which bears the genuine pencil signature of Battle of Britain fighter Ace Bunny Currant. The drawing would be ideal used as a Bookplate in your favourite book on the Battle of Britain and measures 20cm x 14 cm. On 1st April 1940, Currant joined 605 Squadron. On 22nd May he shot down a He111 on a patrol south of Arras. His Hurricane P3575 was hit by return fire and he made a crash-landing, breaking his nose. After burning his aircraft, he made his way to Calais on foot and returned to England by sea. Currant rejoined his squadron at Hawkinge.
On 15th August 1940 Currant claimed two He111's destroyed and probably another, on 8th September a Me109 and a Do17 damaged, on the 9th he shared in the destruction of a Me109 and a Me110, on the 11th he claimed a He111 destroyed and four others damaged.
He was appointed 'A' Flight Commander on 5th September and promoted to Acting Flight Lieutenant on the 13th. On 12th September Currant shared a Do17, on the 15th he claimed a Me109 and two Do17's destroyed and a He111 and three Do17's damaged, on the 27th a Me110 destroyed and a Me109 damaged and on the 28th another Me109 destroyed. On 4th October and 8th October he shared Ju88's and on 15th October he damaged two Me109's.
Currant was awarded the DFC (gazetted 8th October 1940) and Bar (gazetted 15th November 1940).
When Squadron Leader McKellar was killed on 1st November Currant took temporary command of 605. He destroyed a Me109 on 15th November.
Currant relinquished his temporary command of the squadron on 29th November when the new CO came. He destroyed a Me109 on 1st December.
In early 1941 Currant was posted to 52 OTU Debden and in July he was CFI. A return to operations came on 14th August 1941 when he took command of 501 Squadron at Ibsley. He appeared briefly as himself in the film 'The First of the Few', filmed at Ibsley (with David Niven).
Currant damaged a Me109 on 8th November 1941 and destroyed another on 17th April 1942.
On Circus 113 to Marzingarbe on 9th March he engaged three German fighters and his Spitfire Vb W3846 was shot up. The instrument panel was destroyed and a bullet struck the back of his head but Currant managed to escape at low level. In great pain he landed at Lympne but his aircraft turned over on to its back due to the undercarriage tyres having been shot through. He was trapped in the petrol-soaked cockpit but was soon rescued from the wreckage. After a month in hospital he returned to flying with fragments of shrapnel still in his head.
He was promoted to Acting Wing Commander in June and appointed to lead the Ibsley Wing. He was awarded the DSO (gazetted 7th July 1942).
From 15th February 1943 until 24th July 1944 Currant commanded 122 Wing 2TAF.

Battle of Britain Ace Bunny Currant Signed Original Drawing Bookplate

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