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Wow, where do we start with this one. Do you remember the Steve McQueen Hiltz character digging a mole tunnel with ‘Ives’? This is a first hand account of Henry Lamond’s escape from Stalag Luft 3, along with Bill Goldfinch and Jack Best. The letter came direct from Henry Lamond in 1977 and has been typed and signed by him. It gives a detailed description of how the three officers were the first airmen to escape from Goering’s ‘escape proof’ prison camp by using a ‘mole’ system of digging in front and spreading the dirt behind them. The three men were at large for 7 days before capture. Lamond was also involved in the Great Escape from the camp whilst Goldfinch and Best went on to build the famous glider in Colditz. The letter has been framed with an original pencil drawing by Steve Teasdale plus a genuine piece of prison camp barbed wire. This is a stunning one off item.

Amazing Historical Great Escape First Hand Account with Original Drawing & Relic

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