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This is a great item. Firebirds by Charles Demoulin gives a gripping account of the young Belgian pilot who escaped to England to fight in the RAF. He was badly wounded in the escape but eventually joined 609 Sqn after training on spitfires and then fighting in the Hawker Typhoon. This 1987 1st Ed Hardback is a special collectors edition, incorporating no less than 3 original drawing remarques of 609 typhoon pilots (2 were CO’s of 609 Sqn) who flew with Demoulin and are mentioned in the book. Each large and detailed portrait drawing comes mounted with the genuine signature of each pilot - Roland ‘Bee’ Beamont, ‘Pinkie’ Stark and ‘Joe’ Atkinson. Demoulin himself eventually became CO of 609 Sqn. The book is in superb condition with some light spotting on the top of the page ends which are only visible when closed. With three large original pencil drawings and relevant signatures to the story this book is a bargain at this price.

Amazing 3 Remarque & Signed 609 Typhoons Beamont, Stark & Atkinson Firebirds 1st

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