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This is a brand new copy of the Military Gallery book Their Finest Hour. It is a beautiful book, chronicling the key dates of The Battle of Britain through art work. To make it even more collectable the book has been Remarqued with a large pencil portrait of leading Battle of Britain Ace Al Deere by recognised Military Gallery artist Steve Teasdale. The portrait also features subtle white pencil highlights, as well as a genuine Al Deere  signature mounted underneath. 
Their Finest Hour leads us through the stages of the Battle of Britain. From the actions that led up to the conflict to the subsequent fight to repel the Nazi invasion, we encounter the major events and other memorable stories that happened in that historic summer of 1940. The exceptional images of these world renowned Military Gallery artists help knit together this account of the Battle of Britain, creating a visually inspiring masterpiece.

Al Deere Remarqued & Signed Their Finest Hour Military Gallery

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