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This is an A4 sized piece of Fabric taken from the aileron of Fairey Swordfish LS326 when it was reskinned. It has been signed in permanent marker by five ex WW2 Fleet Air Arm veterans - Eric Winkle Brown, Les Sayer ( Bismarck attack survivor ), Norman Lester, Stanley Brand and one other I am not sure about ( could be Richard Allen).
The markings of Eugene Esmonde’s Fairey Swordfish have then been painted in acrylic onto the canvas by Steve Teasdale, to signify the aircraft in which Esmonde won his Victoria Cross during the Channel Dash attack. This genuine piece of history would look amazing framed up and would be a real talking point in anyone’s collection.

A4 Size Original Fairey Swordfish Canvas Signed & Original Painted Markings

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