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This is a beautiful 1st Ed hardback from 1956. It  celebrates the achievements of  RAF Hornchurch from 1915 through to the 1950’s. The book and dustjacket are in very good condition for their age with some slight repair to the jacket at the top. The well illustrated book has been enhanced with a large Remarqued original pencil drawing of Sailor Malan by Steve Teasdale. Malan is mentioned throughout the book as one of the main personalities of RAF Hornchurch during the Battle of Britain. The drawing has been signed by the artist and Jonny Freeborn, spitfire pilot who flew with Sailor Malan and was a participant in the infamous Battle of Barking Creek. The book also features the signatures of another of Malan’s 74 Sqn pilots Bill Skinner and JK Norwell, who flew spitfires out of Hornchurch with Al Deere in 54 Sqn at the same time. Not an easy book to come across.

1956 RAF Hornchurch Hardback Remarqued & Signed 74 & 54 Sqn Freeborn, Skinner

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