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This is an American Dial Press book from 1941. It was released as a genuine Contemporary diary account from Luftwaffe bomber HE111 Pilot Gottfried Leske. More recently it has been suggested that it was a fictional propaganda piece of writing to capture American support. Whatever the real story, it provides an interesting outlook of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain from a German point of view. The book has been made more collectable by a bookplate bearing an original pencil drawing by Steve Teasdale of Knight’s Cross HE111 Bomber Pilot Gerhard Krems. Krems flew throughout the Battle of Britain and on the Eastern Front and he has signed his portrait in pencil. The book is grubby and stained on the outer boards but the inside pages are in very good condition and easy to read.

1941 Nazi Propaganda Diary Signed & Remarqued Heinkel 111 Pilot Krems

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