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This amazing box measures approximately 60cm long, 31cm deep and 27 cm high. The box features a wonderful, genuine 1940 dated Air Ministry Kings Crown stamp inside the lid. There are areas where the original RAF blue paint is showing through on the box sides. The metal handles and clasps have been rubbed down to remove rust and painted black as originally seen. We think the lock clasp is a replacement. The top of the box lid features a set of RAF wings, painted in enamel by Steve Teasdale. This beautiful box would look amazing as a retro piece of furniture in any home and could be used to keep part of your Battle of Britain book collection in!

Unfortunately we cannot send this box to you but will happily keep it for you until such time as you are able to collect it from Yorkshire or Steve is visiting an airshow further down the country. UK sale only.

1940 Date Stamped B.O.B Era Air Ministry Ammo Box Hand Painted RAF Wings

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